100ml e liquid

100ml e liquid for e cigarettes in a range of flavours from traditional tobacco to fruit, mint and drink flavours, choose from zero nicotine to high nicotine concentrations and a range of PG and VG blends for more smoke and more flavour with your vaping.

If you vape (smoke an e-cigarette) then your need vaping fluid, with the most popular size being a 100ml e liquid bottle, the liquid comes in a range of flavours from traditional tobacco flavours to mint flavours, fruit flavours, desert and drink flavours and not just one flavour, but a whole range of flavours that you might never have thought possible to smoke.

The 100ml e liquid bottles come factory sealed for liquid freshness and are in a child proof bottle so little ones canít get their hands on your vaping equipment, store your e liquid in a cool and dry place, the reason for this is that bright sunlight can affect the flavour of the e liquid, even through a sealed bottle and moisture will of course ruin the taste and usability (the ability to smoke the e liquid).

Different E Liquid Flavours

There are so many flavours to choose from, just the choice of tobacco flavours is stunning with flue cured tobacco, French pipe tobacco e liquid, Caramel tobacco, Marlboro tobacco and Virginia tobacco e liquids.

Mint e liquid flavours include menthol and spearmint with a huge range of fruit flavours like banana, blueberry, coconut, apple, grape, peach, mango, pear, pineapple, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, watermelon and blackcurrant e liquids all available in 100ml bottles.

Desert e liquids include butterscotch, chocolate, caramel and vanilla with popular drink flavoured e liquids being coffee, energy drink, cola, lemonade and mojito or if you prefer there is a flavourless e liquid for people who prefer their vaping to smell and taste of nothing.

Use Most 100ml E Liquids With Any Make And Brand Of Vape

You can use most 100ml e liquids with any make and brand of vape, if the manufacturer of your vaping equipment recommends only their brand of e liquids then the chances are that itís a sales tactic to get you to buy their brand rather than a competitorís brand of e liquid, all e liquids perform the same basic function (allowing you to smoke them) with only the taste and smell differentiating one e liquid from another.

With many brands of e liquid to choose from youíre find many e liquids packages brightly coloured with bottle wrappers that make the e liquid look more enticing and look more like an advert for sweets than e liquid, these nicely packaged e liquids generally just push the price up rather than offer you anymore in taste or flavour, in fact if youíre going to spend more money, spend your money on better vaping equipment than flavours.

E liquids contain a small yet concentrated amount of nicotine, thatís what makes vaping so similar to real cigarettes, you can choose between low nicotine or high nicotine content e liquids depending on your personal preference, nicotine is the addictive component of e liquid, so if you can have enjoyment from a low nicotine e liquid it will be better for your health.

Zero Nicotine E Liquids

Look for zero nicotine e liquids for the healthiest choice of e liquid, that doesnít mean that your enjoyment will suffer as thereís still a full range of flavours to choose form. If smoking has given you a bad complexion then consider Heliocare 360.

You can even get e liquids that will whiten your teeth whilst you smoke or give you a fresh minty breath so thereís lots of reasons to enjoy vaping (and with zero nicotine) healthier reasons too.

Thereís lots of novelty e liquid flavours to choose from that are all available in 100ml bottles, thereís donut flavoured e liquid, toast, custard and even blue cheese flavours to choose from, if you can think of it, someone has probably smoked it.

The MG Rating Of The E Liquid

Fancy a flavour that tastes like Fruit Loops cereal or a Slush Puppy or orange juice, these are typical flavours as well, there are also branded flavours where the flavour is meant to represent the brand, there are several gambling, casino and poker company flavoured or sponsored e liquids to choose from.

The mg rating of the e liquid is how much nicotine the liquid contains, for example an e liquid advertising 6mg means that it has 6mg of nicotine in the 100ml bottle, zero nicotine would be advertised as such or have a 0mg rating.

With such tasty flavourís available there is no need to pay big vape brand prices when its really the flavour and nicotine content thatís all that counts.

Nicotine Content Levels Available For A 100ml E Liquid Bottle

Typical nicotine content levels available for a 100ml e liquid bottle are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg and 24mg with 0mg being nicotine free and 24mg being the most nicotine, nicotine is addictive and bad for your health, so always try to buy the e liquid with the lowest nicotine amount that still gives you the taste you are looking for.

Itís easy to fill your e-cigarette with the e liquid, simply use the needle dropper on the bottle lid to top up your e-cigarette, the 100ml bottle will last you a long time so you can keep coming back to the bottle for top ups and of course if you have bought several different flavours or strengths of e liquid you donít have to keep smoking the same flavour, you can experiment with flavours and strengths to find the e liquid that you like the best.

There are two types of e liquid available these are called VG (Vegetable Glycol) and PG (Propylene Glycol), VG is a thick and sweet e liquid that gives you lots of smoke whilst PG has a better flavour that hits the back of your throat, you can try them both and decide which is best.

VG Or PG E Liquids

Your see e liquids being sold with different mix ratios this refers to the amount of VG or PG in the e liquid so you can choose a mix that offers medium smoke and strong taste for example or a light taste and plenty of smoke.

So, an e liquid advertised as 70% VG and 30% PG would offer greater smoking sensation whist a mix of 30% PG and 70% VG (the other way around) which would offer more vapour, you can experiment by buying different PG and VG mixes of the same flavoured e liquid to decide which one you like best.

Some flavours of e liquid are known to crack plastic e-cigarette tanks, amazingly this is true and most e liquid suppliers will recommend you use a glass or steel tank, the flavours that can crack a plastic tank are the stronger more concentrated flavours usually associate with fruit flavours like cola, cherry, pineapple, orange, apple, beer, lemonade and strawberry, if your smoking only tobacco flavours or mint flavours or no flavour e liquid then you should be alright with a plastic tank but I would still recommend you only use a glass or steel tank unless you are only buying e liquid flavours from the manufacture of your e-cigarette.

E Liquids In Hookah's

Of course, itís not only vaping devices that you can use your e liquid in but hookahís too, these devices are usually used for smoking tobacco flavoured e liquids but there is no reason why you cannot smoke fruit or mint flavoured e liquids in a hookah.

The most popular e liquid flavours are fruit salad, rhubarb and custard and Skittles flavours these come in a range of strengths from zero nicotine content to 12mg, 18mg and 24mg of nicotine.

Of course I must cover off some of the safety aspects of using e liquids, other than using a glass or steel tank and not a plastic tank especially if you are smoking some of the stronger more fruity flavours because these strong flavours can crack a plastic tank, but other safety points to notice are that some e liquids may cause an allergic reaction to the smoker, so put a little bit of e liquid fluid on your finger before you smoke it, if you feel a sensation on your finger then chances are your feel a greater sensation and maybe even an allergic reaction if you smoke it, if the sample of e liquid fluid on your finger causes soreness, redness or itching then certainly do not smoke the e liquid as you are having a reaction to its contents.

What Are E Liquids Made From?

If your wondering what e liquids are made of you wonít be surprised to learn that they contain water and food colourings to give the e liquid its taste and colour, the nicotine canít be held in water and you canít get the smoke vapour from the water so PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycol) are used to hold the nicotine and provide the smoke vapour.

E liquids are also called vape juices and thatís because by far the biggest seller of e liquids has been the fruit flavoured or juicy e liquids, these are almost a smoking equivalent of sweets although it has to be noted that vaping e liquids and vaping devices cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18 and even when you buy online the reputable suppliers will ask for age verification when you take delivery of the e liquids.

As with most things itís cheaper if you buy more than one bottle of 100ml e liquid as there are discounts for multi-buys and luckily most multi-buy deals let you buy more than one flavour as part of the multi-buy deal, if you want to buy a present for an e-cigarette smoker then buying e-liquid is probably the best present you can buy them other than an expensive vaping unit, and if you buy the flavours as a present you can choose the flavours you would like to smell when they are smoking near you.

Choosing An E Liquid

If you are vaping and not producing enough smoke then choose an e liquid with a higher percentage of VG and if you want a stronger taste choose an e liquid with a higher percentage of PG, thatís the simple explanation so if your friends are complaining that your e liquids are producing too much smoke you need a lower VG or too little smoke and youíre need a higher PG.

Thereís lots of fun flavours too try, and the e liquid market is very reminiscent of a sweetshop with flavours like Molotov Cocktail, Sherbet Lemons, Banana Whip, Vanilla Custard and CrŤme Egg, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in a sweetshop and not ordering e liquids, whilst these e liquids are for adults only and indeed under the age of 18 you cannot legally smoke an e-cigarettes, it has to be noted that younger children will be attracted by the sweet smells, tremendous smoke and sweet like names of some of the e liquids and itís up to the manufacturers and distributors of the e liquids to make sure that they carry out adequate age verification on delivery or ordering to make sure that only those of adult age can buy e liquids.

While e liquids are available in different sized bottles from 10ml sample bottles to 30ml, 100ml and 300ml sized bottles the 100ml bottles are the best value for money, the bottle contains enough e liquid to enjoy the flavour several times but not so much that you are getting bored by the flavour (300ml), the sample sizes are rarely good value for money, itís better to buy a 100ml bottle even if you are not sure of the flavour as your get much more e liquid than from a sample size bottle for pretty much the same price.

Smoke Any E Liquid From Any Manufacturer In Any Vape Unit

You can smoke any e liquid from any manufacturer in any vape unit, donít let manufacturers dictate that only the expensive (and boring) flavours are the only choice you have for your vaping, use a glass or steel tank so you can be sure that you can smoke any flavour of e liquid without risk of the tank cracking which can happen with a plastic tank and your safe to try a range of flavours from a range of manufacturers.

There is no denying that vaping uses less nicotine or even zero nicotine in nicotine free e liquids so is more healthier for you than traditional cigarettes, so why not switch to vaping and you wonít stink of cigarettes, you have a wide range of flavours to try and your find vaping so much cheaper than cigarettes.