Chiptuning ECU remapping and reprogramming to optimise your car to increase performance and remove manufacturer chip limits, get up to 40% improved performance with chiptuning.

Car manufacturers are pretty conservative with their on-board ECU (Electronic Control Unit), the manufactures will provide a great deal of tolerance in the chip so that the car has reduced power and yet has high fuel efficiency, but you can change these settings yourself with a process called chiptuning.

The advantage of chiptuning is that you can increase the power and speed of your car by up to 40%, all you need do is buy either a performance box that you attach to your car to override the ECU chip and give greater performance, these performance boxes are made for specific makes and models of car and you simply clip the performance box over your cars ECU to override the default settings, you can fit this yourself and remove the performance box at any time.

The other way to do chiptuning is to directly preprogramme the chip within your ECU, you can do this with software and a cable and hardware unit that attaches to your car, the advantage of reprogramming is that using your computer you can change every setting of the cars performance whilst with a performance box you just accept the performance improvements built into the performance box.

If you want to reprogram your cars ECU chip yourself, you can save your chip settings by backing the chip up and then if you donít like the performance of the settings you have chosen you can simply reload the settings you backed up before you started.

Chiptuning Devices Simply Plug Into Your Cars ECU

Chiptuning devices simply plug into your cars ECU and have a cable that connects from the chiptuning device to your laptop, you can sit in your car with the laptop on your knee and edit the engine performance of your own car with a chiptuner, some chiptuners are specific to a make and model of car and other chiptuners will mod (modify) the ECU that they are connected to, if you want to hack your own car then a chiptuner is the device for you.

When I use the phrase Ďhack your carí I mean to make unauthorised changes to the car that you own, this is not the same as hacking or taking over a car and that is not what a chiptuner is for, a chiptuner allows you to modify the performance of your carís engine, you can change the power output of the engine, the fuel economy, the fuel injection, the valve timing, the anti-lock brakes, the throttle, the engine stability control system and any other engine management feature that has been enabled in your car.

With A Chiptuner You Can Even Set Yourself Up In Business

With a chiptuner you can even set yourself up in business improving the performance of cars for paying customers, all you need is the chiptuner device and a laptop computer, the chiptuner comes with full instructions and the software that you install on your laptop to control the carís Engine Management System (EMS).

You can increase not only the power of your engine but the available torque, typically by 30% so your get stronger and faster acceleration, with between 30% and 40% improvements in performance your be really amazed what your standard engine can deliver, you are not ruining your engine in any way, you are just optimising the engine to your own preference, car and engine manufacturers donít optimise their ECUís for performance as efficiency and the ability for the car to cope with a wide range of fuel qualities or to cope with a range of environmental temperatures for a range of countries from desert to snow means that the cars performance is set to a standard that is far from a performance car but there is no reason why you cannot change these settings yourself by chiptuning.

With a chiptuner you might invalidate your cars warranty because you are changing the settings, if you leave the ECU settings changed when you take the car to an authorised garage the garage will know that you have changed the ECU settings so if your car manufacturer has a warranty policy against this you will be breaking the terms of your warranty and might not get the engine repaired under warranty, you can take a backup of the ECU chip before you chiptune and then you can simply reinstall the backup before you take the car to the authorised repair centre.

A Performance Box Just Clips Over Your Cars ECU

If you have a performance box that just clips over your cars ECU then you can just unclip the performance box and the car will be back to standard, thatís because the performance box overrides the ECU in your car whilst attached, so removing the performance box resets your ECU to standard and you donít need to take a backup of your chip or even need to attach a computer to your carís ECU.

You can take your car to a performance shop and have it chiptuned for you, but your pay the same amount for someone else to chiptune your car as you would to buy your own chiptuner and with your own chiptuner youíre have more fun making your own changes to the cars ECU, there are templates contained in the chiptuner so you can just select race mode or sports handling or any other range of standard modes or you can adjust every setting manually from the laptop software that comes with your chiptuner.

Buy A Chiptuner And Chiptune A Range Of Cars

If you buy a chiptuner you can chiptune a range of cars for your family and friends, whilst taking your car to a garage and having them chiptune the engine will cost you the same as buying your own chiptuner plus if you want to preserve your engines warranty your need to take the car back to the garage and have the chiptuning removed before you can take your car for service or repair, so your be paying out twice, itís cheaper to buy your own chiptuner.

Performance increases are not the only things you can do with a chiptuner you can make the car ultra fuel efficient so the car uses the minimum amount of fuel, this will of course reduce performance but if your facing large petrol or diesel bills you might want to use the fuel saving mode every day and then chiptune for race day, if your interested in chiptuning then you might be interested in Dent Master for knocking the dents out your car after speeding.

All Modern Cars Contain An ECU And Can Be Chiptuned

All modern cars contain an ECU and can be chiptuned, you donít need a high specification sports car like a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Porsche that you can chiptune but any car from a hot hatch to a family run around.

ECU systems control every facet of your car, the ECU tells your car what to do, how to adjust the throttle and air intake when the engine starts on a cold morning how to adjust the fuel intake when you put your foot on the accelerator, how to adjust the breaking when your wheels are skidding, every aspect of the car is controlled by the ECU and reported on by the ECU, for example when you have a fault light appear on your dashboard it is the ECU that has made that light come on to report a fault.

Chiptuning Is Also Called Remapping

Chiptuning is also called remapping and thatís because the ECU has a list of instructions of what to do when something happens, like you put your foot down on the accelerator, the cars computer looks up the condition of more acceleration and sees that it must increase the fuel to the engine by a specific amount to cause faster acceleration, plus a great many other parameters of course thatís just an overview, so the car engine has a map or list of things to do when something happens, when you chiptune and change the list of things that the engine should do you are remapping the list of instructions, so thatís why you might see chiptuning referred to as remapping, generally garages refer to chiptuning as remapping and car enthusiasts refer to the exact same procedure as chiptuning, you are tuning the car by updating the ECU chip, so chiptuning kind of stuck as a word for the process.

Itís not just cars that you can chiptune but motorbikes, vans, trucks and even boats, any engine that has an ECU attached, when you take your car in for a service or an MOT the engineer will often connect your car to an ECU to report on fuel efficiency and emissions, indeed itís a type of chiptuning that Volkswagen have been accused of where its alleged they made the car perform differently when under test, the ECU would be chiptuned to perform differently when it realised it was on a rolling road test or had a measuring device attached to its exhaust system.

ECU Fault Code Readers

Other things you can attach to the cars ECU include fault code readers, these have a digital display and when you have noticed the fault light on your car has lit you can connect the fault code reader for a plain English description of what the problem with the engine is, itís the ECU that is talking to the fault code reader and provides the information, your usually find your ECU socket under the bonnet or behind the trim on the driverís side or front passengers side, there will usually be a plastic panel that you can prise open to reveal the ECU socket.

Itís not illegal to chiptune your car, it might be illegal if you increase the fuel consumption and the exhaust pollution increases, but if you donít create additional exhaust emissions it is perfectly legal to chiptune your car, you might invalidate your warranty as most manufacturers will not want you to chiptune their cars, but actually itís not their car, itís your car so you should be allowed and are allowed to do anything you want with it, but bear in mind you might invalidate the engine warranty, you can reset the ECU to the factory defaults using the chiptuner if you have altered any settings before you take the car to the garage.

Chiptune Petrol And Diesel Cars

You can chiptune both petrol and diesel cars using the exact same chiptuner, it is only the software options that are different between the two types of cars, with a generic chiptuner some options may be greyed out if your car does not support that option, for example if your car does not have electronic stability control then you wonít be able to adjust that feature with the chiptuner.

With some plugin chiptuners you simply plug them into the ECU and they override the default settings for a performance setting, unplugging the chiptuner returns the settings to normal so you donít have to mess about with computers and software, it depends on the level of detail you want to involve yourself with, for instant performance increases get a plugin chiptuner and for the ability to make any change you like, look for a software driven chiptuner.

The advantage of plugin or strap on chiptuners is that you donít have to reset the cars ECU when you take the car to the garage for a service or repair, all you have to do is remember to unplug the chiptuner and the original settings are restored to the ECU.

If You Remove A Chiptuner Before A Service It Will Be Completely Undetectable

If you remove the chiptuner before a service it will be completely undetectable by the service department so you wonít invalidate your warranty, obviously if you have left the chiptuner hanging out of the ECU port on your car then expect the garage to notice and invalidate your warranty.

You can easily chiptune your own car, there is no reason to pay thousands of pounds to have your car chiptuned when all they are doing is plugging in the same chiptuner that you are, they might call themselves a performance specialist but so are you with a chiptuner in your hand.

Give your car the performance you know it has inside with a chiptuner or save on fuel bills, chiptuning your car is now as easy as plugging in a gadget into the cars computer port.