Dent Master

Dent Master pulls any dent out of your car, puller attaches to the dent and pulls the dent out of the car body panel without further damage, save money by pulling your own dents.

This ingenious dent puller comes with a special pad that you glue to the dent, then you attach the puller to the pad you glued to the car and wind the handle to pull the dent out, if you have ever tried one of those sucker pad dent pullers your find that the sucker pad pulls off long before the dent has even started to pull out, with the Dent Master you glue a special pad to the car and then when you have pulled the dent you use the glue scraper to remove the pad from the car bodywork without damaging the bodywork of your car and no scratches or scrapes in your paintwork.

Its tempting to think that those sucker pad dent pullers actually work but if you have ever had a satnav fall off your car windscreen because the sucker just wonít stay on then your know the problem with trying to get a sucker to attach to a windscreen let alone an uneven dent on your car with a sucker that you can apply enough force too actually pull the dent out, only the Dent Master works because your actually glueing a puller to the dent and then using the glue scraper to separate the puller form the car after you have pulled the dent.

If you have come back from shopping only to find some careless driver has dented your car door or dented another part of your bodywork your be wanting to get that horrible looking dent repaired as quickly as possible, the problem is taking your car to the body shop costs a lot of money and your car will be at the body shop for a few days and your have to find a courtesy car, all that time and expense when all the garage will do is use the Dent Master themselves.

Well now you can use the Dent Master yourself, the same Dent Master that the professionals use to pull dents out of car and van bodywork, you could even offer to pull dents out of cars as a service to earn money, a mobile dent puller earns a lot of money because who wouldnít be willing to pay for a dent to be removed from their car, especially when you have an expensive looking car, no one wants to see an ugly dent in the side of their car, so there is plenty of opportunity to make money pulling dents out of peoples cars with the Dent Master.

Dent Master Is Easy To Use

The Dent Master is easy to use, preparation is key, read the instructions that come with the Dent Master, there are cleaning solutions included in the pack and these are needed to remove any oil or grease from the dent, you canít glue on an oily or dirty surface so the trick is to clean the dent first before you apply the glue.

The reason the glue is able to stick the dent puller to the dent is that the glue is very strong in tension, you can pull on the glue and the glue wonít come off, but and hereís the trick the glue is very weak if you peal the glue off, its easy to peal the glue off but impossible to pull the glue off, that makes it easy to peal off the glue holding the puller on the dent.

Dents are not even, you might have a very small dent that its almost impossible to pull with a convectional sucker based dent puller because you canít attach the sucker to a small dent, a sucker can only be used on a large smooth dent but suckers donít have much power, its easy to glue the puller onto even the smallest of dents as you only need the smallest of area to attach the puller.

The trouble with sucker based dent pullers is that they have no power, its impossible to apply any force to the sucker as the sucker will pull straight off the dent and thatís assuming you have a large smooth dent that its easy to attach the sucker too, basically if its possible to pull the dent out with a sucker its also possible to just push the dent out from the other side of the bodywork, the only reason to use a sucker dent puller is where the dent is large and you cannot easily get access to the other side of the bodywork.

Dent Master Is The Easiest Way To Pull Any Dent

The Dent Master is the easiest way to pull any dent whether large or small, if someone has bashed their car door into your door and caused a dent line in your car you can use the Dent Master to pull the dent out of your door.

It used to be that the old fashioned way to pull dents out of a body panel was to drill a hole in the dent and attach a screw through the hole in the body panel and then pull on the screw until it pulls the dent out, this meant further damage to the body panel and was not a job for the consumer, you needed tools and skills to pull the dent out and then once the dent was pulled you would have to use filler to fill the hole in the bodywork and then buy a matching paint spray from the car spares garage, you would end up with a repair that looked like you did it yourself.

Dent Master Can Pull Small And Large Dents

Now with the Dent Master you can pull small and large dents out of car and van body panels, there is no further damage caused to the body panel and no damage to the paint or need to respray the panel, you can reuse the puller on other cars when they get dents too so your get lots of use out of the Dent Master.

Getting a dent pulled out of your car costs a lot of money and most garages would rather charge you for a new body panel than repair the dent for you, you might not want to claim on your insurance for the dent and risk losing your no claims bonus and to top it all there is nothing more infuriating than seeing a dent in your car every day especially if you did not cause that dent. If you want to improve the perfomance of your car as well as making it look nice then try Chiptuning.

Itís not possible to buy new body panels for all panels of the car, typically three door cars with front seats that push forwards to let passengers get into the back of the car have a continuous rear body panel that is actually part of the frame of the car and cannot be removed, dent this panel and you cannot even get a new body panel if you wanted too, but with the Dent Master you can pull the dent out of the panel yourself.

As I mentioned above your need to clean any road dirt, oil and grease off the dent before you use the glue to glue the dent puller to the dent as glue just wonít stick on an oily surface, so if you have trouble getting the glue to stick it is not that there is anything wrong, its just that there is oil or dirt you cannot see on the body panel, use the cleaning fluid included with the kit to wipe the area clean, the cleaning fluid is just rubbing alcohol so if you run our of fluid you can buy some more from a chemists or motorists store.

If you have a dent in your car then what have you got to lose by trying the Dent Master if you make a mess of it you will be taking your car to the garage to have the panel replaced anyway, but honestly there is no mess to make, at the very worst you wonít be able to pull the dent out of the car, you cannot make the dent worse with the Dent Master unlike with other dent pullers which require you to drill holes into the dent.

Dent Master Comes With Full Instructions

But honestly you donít have to worry about not being able to pull the dent out of the car, the Dent Master puller comes with full instructions about how to clean the dent to remove dirt, grease and oil and how to glue the puller to the dent of your car, even the smallest of dents can be pulled because all you need is to be able to glue the puller to the dent and a tiny bit of glue is all that is needed as the glue is very strong in tension, thatís the pulling force, but very weak in torsion thatís the peeling force, so you can easily peal the glue off the dent which peels off without leaving a sticky mess and without pulling the paint off, but you cannot pull the glue off, only peeling works, thatís what makes the Dent Master so special.

Because the Dent Master does not use any drilling or cause any damage to the bodywork of the car or need any heat or electricity unlike other dent pullers you can pull a dent out of areas like a petrol tank on a motorbike, if you have ever dropped your motorbike in an accident the side of the tank will probably get dented, this looks ugly, you can of course buy a new tank and the expense and inconvenience that causes of taking your bike to the motorcycle repair centre and being without your bike whist the tank is fitted or you can use the Dent Master to pull the dent out yourself, with no heat and no drilling its safe to use the Dent Master on the petrol tank as all you are doing is applying glue to the tank to attach the puller and then winding the handle on the puller to slowly pull the dent out of the tank.

When you have finished pulling the dent out, simply peal the glue off and the glue and puller will fall away as the glue is not strong in torsion or peeling forces but only in pulling, you canít pull the puller off but you can slide it off.

If you have had a car accident, maybe you hit another car or another car hit you and all that is wrong with your car is that you have a dented panel, now you can pull the dent out of the panel yourself without having to worry about claiming on your insurance or the expense of taking your car to the garage, sometimes its embarrassing to have made a dent in your car, maybe you have borrowed your friends car or your parents car and accidentally dented the car, you donít want to return the car with a dent in it and you certainly donít want to cause further damage to the car by trying to repair the dent yourself, now you can use the Dent Master to remove the dent cheaply and quickly so no one will know you had a dent in the car unless you tell them.

You might have dented your car in the supermarket car park, driving too close to the trolley park is one way to get a dent in the back of your car, indeed my own wife drove too close to the trolley park and made a massive dent in the back panel of our three door car, with the back panel being an integral part of the car I could not get a new panel for the car even if I had the money, I tried suction based dent pullers but they are just not strong enough to pull the dent out as the suction fails and you fall onto the floor when the puller comes off the car.

The Dent Master uses a strong glue to glue the puller to the dent, so both big and small dents can be easily pulled, donít pull to much though as you can pull the dent out and bulge the panel, use the Dent Master for a cheap and easy way for all car owners to pull dents out of their own cars.