Heliocare 360

Heliocare 360 protects your skin against sun damage and ageing. Heliocare 360 blocks and prevents skin damage from UVA and UVB radiation, an easily absorbed foam mousse with an SPF of 50.

Heliocare 360 comes in a squeezable bottle, the bright orange and white packaging is immediately distinctive, the sun cream itself is a foam that uses a mineral formulation to make the foam feel light and easily absorbed into your skin, allowing your skin to breath whilst protecting your skin from sun damage.

The sun cream itself is pearl coloured (off white) and the cream leaves your skin with a satin feeling as the cream itself is silky smooth when you apply it.

Heliocare 360 Hydrates Your Skin

Heliocare 360 hydrates your skin, giving your skin the moisture it needs when you are in the sun so your skin wonít dry out and peal, because Heliocare 360 has a mattifying effect you can use the sun cream as a base onto which you can apply makeup, your makeup can be applied as well and hold as well as if you were applying the makeup directly to your skin.

Heliocare 360 is ideal for all skin types and with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 50, itís ideal for skin types that burn easily in the sun whether that be very white skin tones or darker tones.

Heliocare Is A Medigrade Sun Cream

Heliocare is known as a medigrade sun cream what that means is that it is formulated to the same grade as medicines, creams you would have prescribed to you by the doctor or a hospital are the exact same grade which means the cream is pure and does not contain any impurities and is made in a factory with traceable quality control practices so any problem can be quickly identified in manufacture.

You donít just apply Heliocare 360 when you are going to the beach this sun cream lotion is designed to be applied and worn throughout your day wherever there is the chance of sun or damage to the skin caused by changing environmental conditions from a harsh sun to wind and rain, the nourishing qualities of the cream will protect your skin all day.

If you are swimming then reapply Heliocare 360 once you are out of the water, as if you have washed or rubbed off the cream then your leaving your skin open to damage form sunlight once again, the sun cream absorbs directly into your skin and nourishes as it protects.

If youíre worried about skin ageing then use Heliocare 360 to protect you, we all love the sun but the sun will cause your skin to look older than your years and wind and cold will also age your skin, with the nourishing qualities of the cream you keep your skin hydrated so your skin does not dry out and age.

Heliocare Makes Your Skin Feel Great

Heliocare makes your skin feel great, youíre want to use Heliocare 360 every day, it is not a cream that should be limited to the days when you want to avoid the sun, the cream will protect and nourish your skin through a range of different environment types from dry air conditioning and central heating air to bright sun and wind that will dry your skin and take the skins essential oils away from your skin, only Heliocare 360 will protect your skin regardless of what you are doing that day or night.

You will be protected against UVA & UVB (Ultra Violet light class A & B) as well as infrared A (IR-A) and damage from visible light radiation, this is called broad spectrum protection and your be protected from the widest range of radiation form the sun, Heliocare 360 also contains what Heliocare call a BioShield system this protects the Melanin and Taurine in your skin, essential vitamins that when lost cause your skin to age, the cream absorbs into your skin and forms a protective layer that actually prevents radiation from the sunís rays to penetrate your skin and cause damage to skin cells.

The creation of free radicals in your body caused by damage to the skin from sunlight are prevented from forming by FemBlock this technology used by Heliocare contains anti-oxidants found in nature, these natural compounds are used in Heliocare 360 and are known to have high levels of skin anti-oxidants, what that all means is that Heliocare 360 works and has been proven to work in peer removed medical journals, so with the scientific community behind the technology used in Heliocare 360 youíre have all you need to keep your skin safe and in great condition.

Heliocare 360 Contains Vitamins C And E

Additionally, Heliocare 360 contains vitamins C and E which are all essential for your skins wellbeing and to rejuvenate damaged skin, green tea extract is also used within the cream and this has been shown to nourish the skin further, all the products used within the cream are found in nature making the sun cream safe for everyday use.

Your skins DNA can be damaged when your skin is unprotected and absorbs UV radiation (Ultra Violet radiation) from the sun, this damage is caused by oxidative stress within the skins layers and makes your skin age faster, plant derived DNA repair enzymes found in nature are contained within the cream and this helps fight skin DNA damaging radiation making your skin look and feel younger too.

The cream does not block the pores of the skin, but instead allows your skin to breath, skin that cannot breathe is unhealthy and will lead to other skin complaints like eczema and spots, your notice that if before you have used heavy oil based creams on your skin, but the natural mineral based formulation used in the cream allows all skin types to breath including dry and oily skin types.

Heliocare 360 rehydrates your skin, this motorising effect repairs your skin and thatís why you can use this cream every day, there is no need to only use the cream when you want sun protection, use the cream every day and even apply your makeup directly onto the cream as the cream absorbs into your skin leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

To apply the cream just gently rub the cream into your skin or for more exciting results have someone rub the cream in for you, the cream is water resistant for between two to three hours after which youíre have to reapply the cream yourself, remember that it is not only the water that will cause the cream to become ineffective over several hours but also if you continually wipe or wash away the cream through hand washing or towelling.

If you have oily or combination skin or dry skin youíre be pleased to know that Heliocare 360 will work in harmony with your natural skin type to provide the sun and environmental protection that your skin needs, but more than that the cream nourishes your skin, even if you have no intention of being in the sun you should make Heliocare 360 part of your daily regime.

When you are outside your unaware of exactly how much damage the sunís rays are doing to your skin, ageing you prematurely even when you donít think the sun is hot, wind damage and damage from the cold will also be prevented by the nourishing properties of the cream.

Conditioning Your Skin

As well as conditioning your skin, youíre be pleased to know that Heliocare creams dry quickly, you wonít be left feeling like your skin has a layer of cream on top, in fact the cream feels so thin and refined that you can apply makeup directly on top of the cream as it is absorbed instantly into your skin.

Users of Heliocare 360 describe the cream as melting into their skin, the cream nourishes so much that you wonít notice your wearing the cream but it will be protecting you from the sun, donít think of Heliocare 360 as just a sun cream it is so much more, the 360 in the name of the product is designed to show you that the cream provides 360 degrees of protection, it is not just a sun cream, it is not just a moisturising cream it is all of these things in one cream and more.

Heliocare 360 Contains Several Defensive Barriers Against Skin Damage

Heliocare 360 contains several defensive barriers against skin damage, first is a physical barrier where the cream actively blocks air particulates like car exhaust fumes and other airborne nasties from damaging your skin, these organic filters are thanks to the plant based approach that the scientists took when formulating the cream, it really is the most advanced sun cream and daily cream you can buy today.

With proteins within the cream that actually help repair the damage caused by sun and your environment, the cream is more than just protection it is healing too.

The cream is clear in colour so once you apply the cream to your skin it will be absorbed straight away and wonít leave any white smears (because the cream is clear and not white) or smudges on your skin.

Heliocare 360 Should Be The First Thing You Put Directly Onto Your Skin

Donít put the cream on top of makeup, Heliocare 360 should be the first thing you put on directly to your skin, it is the protection that your makeup can sit on, the cream will even protect you from makeup products that would otherwise irritate your skin.

Use the cream to protect your skin from all activities from swimming where the cream will help protect your skin from cholerine damage and particulate damage when the swimming water is not pure, to skiing when the cream will protect your skin form the wind chill that can lead to dry and cracked skin, wearing the cream will naturally hydrate your skin so the cream will be repairing your skin all day long whether you are involved in a sport or not.

If you have used other sun creams and moisturising creams and found that the sensitive areas around your eyes would suffer from irritation then switch to Heliocare 360 as it is so pure that you wonít suffer from irritation, indeed how can a product that claims to be sensitive cause your skin irritation anyway, so always use Heliocare for best results.

High Factor Sun Creams

If your familiar with high factor sun creams you will probably expect Heliocare 360 to be thick and gooey, but it is not, it is not like a butter or an oil, the cream is opaque in colour and absorbed immediately into your skin to start hydrating your skin straight away.

If previous sun cream and sun protection factor oils have made your skin break out in a rash or cause irritation then try Heliocare 360 because it is different, it is genuinely sensitive to your skin needs and nourishes your skin whist protecting the most delicate of skin types.

Whatever your age, youíre find the moisturising factors within the cream will start to rejuvenate your skin, giving you younger looking, softer skin whist protecting your skin from sun and water damage.

Applying Makeup

If your applying makeup to your skin, use this cream as a primer, your skin will be protected not only from sun damage and environmental damage like pollutants in the air but the cream will act as a delicate base for your makeup, if a makeup product would previously cause your skin irritation your find that Heliocare 360 offers protection to your skin allowing you to wear your favourite makeup products for longer.

Use the cream as a daily antiaging cream, itís ideal for all skin typos and skin of all ages, you will have younger looking healthier skin if you make Heliocare 360 part of your daily regime.

If you have acne or dry itchy skin your find that this cream does not cause further inflammation but instead calms your skin and nourishes your skin helping your bad skin to heal itself, use Heliocare 360 every day and get the benefit from sun and environmental protection as well as the moisturising and healing properties of the cream.

For a non-greasy sun cream and moisturiser that is the perfect base and primer for makeup, Heliocare 360 comes highly recommended.