ITC Spanking

ITC Spanking is a range of magazines and DVD’s for bottom spanking enthusiasts, the magazine and DVD’s contains explicit adult material of women having their bottoms spanked, the pictures show girls in various uniforms or naked and the resulting marks on their bottom from spanking.

ITC make their own photoshoots for all their models and are continually looking for models who would like to be photographed whilst they are having their bottom spanked.

As well as a spanking magazine, ITC also produce a range of spanking DVD’s with titles like ‘And Mother makes three’, ‘Driving the lesson home’, ‘Red tops, redder bottoms’ and ‘Who am I Danielle Spankee’.

ITC Spanking Magazines

ITC Spanking magazines are produced as issues with over 65 issues of the magazine to date.

Women that like to be spanked are called spankees with subs (submissives) and doms (dominant) the two types of people most commonly found within spanking, where the submissive or spankee is the one that likes to be spanked and the spanker or dom is the one that likes to give the spanking.

Spanking For Sexual Pleasure

Spanking for sexual pleasure is for both males and females, the male may enjoy being spanked or it may be the female that enjoys being spanked, with some couples it is always the man that does the spanking and other cases it’s always the female that does the spanking.

The spanking community use a lot of school references with headmasters and headmistresses giving the spanking and pupils receiving the spanking, many of the magazines and DVD’s will feature pictures revolving around the idea of a master and a slave or of a pupil and a teacher.

The use of restraints like steel chains for tying up the willing victim to wooden spreader bars for forcing the legs of a male or female to be held apart for the purposes of sexual gratification as well as hooks for use with chains and padlocks for securing bondage equipment.

ITC Spanking Also Offers A Range Of Implements

ITC Spanking also offers a range of implements that can be used in spanking sessions like belt straps, canes, crops, paddles, whips and floggers.

Popular DVD’s From ITC Spanking

Popular DVD’s from ITC Spanking include ‘Learning the hard way’, More Jans spanking adventures’, ‘ITC interview with Lucy Jones’, ‘Acute Spankilitis’, ‘Scarlet schoolgirl’, ‘No more, please sir’, ‘Well I did ask for it’, ‘The Sting’, ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’, ‘Worldwide amateur spankings’, ‘Mistress at work’ and many more, over thirty DVD’s to date.

ITC Spanking make a whole range of magazines and DVD’s for the spanking fetish, and also sell all the equipment that you need to enjoy spanking, whilst the videos or magazines may depict acts of spanking it has to be remembered that those in the pictures are willing participants, even if the material is depicted as torture or punishment.

A lot of spanking culture stems from being canned at school, indeed ITC Spanking sell a range of canes and paddles like the ones you may have been canned or spanked with at school, thankfully a practice that is now illegal in schools but was for many years standard corporal punishment within schools.

From Headmasters To Headmistresses

The fact that spanking was used in schools probably explains how this fetish came about, from headmasters and headmistresses who where administering the spanking with a little too much fervour and enjoyment than a way to administer corporal punishment to unruly students.

Spankers often refer to themselves as headmasters or headmistresses or pupils and students and it is interesting to note that the educational establishment of the time is probably wholeheartedly responsible for creating the spanking culture or at least furthering it throughout the UK.

The fact that you can buy ITC Spanking magazines and spanking DVD’s on Amazon as well as a great many BDSM whips, chains, paddles and canes goes to show how much society has accepted spanking, you now don’t even need to go to a specialist store to by spanking paraphernalia when Amazon can deliver your spanking goodies along with your everyday household items.

Indeed spanking has played a large part in modern culture with Fifty Shades of Grey and similar books and films perpetuating spanking and bringing spanking to a wider uptake, how many couples will have tried spanking and enjoyed it and made it part of their everyday sexual activities after watching such films, the numbers must surely be increasing.

ITC Spanking Is Uniquely British

ITC Spanking is uniquely British with that British sense of smut and school punishment, think Benny Hill sketches where Benny is chasing the girls, but actually catches them and gets to spank them too.

As well as school girls in school uniforms being spanked over the school desk or the teachers knee, girls dressed as horse riders and being canned with the horses crop are popular fodder for the spanking magazines and DVD’s as are pictures of red bottoms and red marks on the girls bottoms from spanking paddles or whips, your see the girls naked showing more than just their naked bottoms.

Spanking Pictures

Some of the spanking pictures show very red and even cut bottoms that have bled due to being spanked, you may or may not find that enjoyable but as long as it is amongst consenting adults.

All forms of authority make popular outfits for spankers, the role play might be a teacher and a pupil or a policeman and a police women with the police women being spanked by the policeman’s hand.

Women’S Bottoms

There’s a lot of fixation on women’s bottoms too, plenty of upskirt pictures where the camera is angled to look up the girls skirt as she walks along, the girl concerned may be wearing stockings and suspenders or indeed no panties at all under the dress.

Whilst spanking is violence against a man or women, that violence is consensual, you might see a man or women being spanked or beaten with a hairbrush or a slipper or paddle, its all very reminiscent of old school punishment which one would argue has a lot to answer for.

Spanking and tying men or women up might be considered harmless fun, indeed there are certainly much more violent and abhorrent sexual activities that someone might find interesting, yet spankers content themselves with watching spanking DVD’s or reading spanking magazines where the written word in the magazine, the plot and storyline are as important as the pictures.

The spankers will then re-enact many of their favourite scenes with their partners or want to respond to one of the many personal adverts where women called headmistresses offer to spank ‘naughty gentlemen’.

Ropes, Chains, Handcuffs And Bondage Equipment

Ropes, chains, handcuffs and bondage equipment are all used by spankers to create a story, for example a naughty schoolgirl that must be punished where the women dressing up as the naughty schoolgirl is the spankers wife or partner, it is generally an activity that is carried out by couples as part of their sexual fantasises, whilst ‘one night’ spanking sessions are frequently available and advertised for, spanking is an activity that stays mostly in the home.

Spanking may be women spanking other women either as personal enjoyment for the two women concerned or as entertainment for other men who will be watching the DVD’s or looking at the ITC Spanking magazines, whilst it is not unheard of for men to spank other men, it is most common for men to spank women or women to spank men or other women.

Being restrained by being tied up and held tightly with ropes, spreader bars or bondage contraptions is a popular addition to the act of spanking, often the spankee, the person being spanked will be restrained in some way before the spanking starts, the restraining may be as simple as placing the spankee on the lap of the spanker or as complex as BDSM rope sets and machines designed to hold the spankee in a specific and often vulnerable position.

Spoons, Hairbrushes And Other Cooking Utensils

Spoons, hairbrushes and other cooking utensils often form the basis for equipment used in spanking, the reason being is that you can easily use your own kitchen utensils without having to buy anything special, if you need to buy spanking equipment then look on Amazon for a wide range of not only kitchen utensils that would be ideal for spanking, but canes, paddles and BDSM restraints that you can now all purchase from Amazon without worrying if your purchases will arrive in anonymous brown packages so you won’t have to explain their contents, everyone orders from Amazon, it has become mainstream along with spanking.

There’s a full range of ITC Spanking magazines and other spanking DVD’s and equipment on Amazon, whist these products don’t get advertised to you on Amazon, there are no ‘special deals for spanking paddles’ on Amazon, or paddles and other spanking equipment but they are a mere Amazon search away.

Spanking Videos And Magazines

Whilst spanking is universal and your see spanking videos and magazines from around the world, the spanking community does have a ‘made in Britain’ feel about it, I think British corporal punishment has been exported to most of the world and that has lasted in the spanking fetish.

Long gone thankfully are the days when you would be spanked at school for being naughty, but the spanking culture lives on, its so quinquennially British with the likes of ITC Spanking holding up the fetish in the UK.

So how do you put a little spice into your sex life, well take a look at the range of spanking paraphernalia available at Amazon and if anything takes your fancy introduce it into your bedroom sex sessions, just remember that your partner must be a willing participant in your spanking sessions and if they are not or if they tell you to stop, you must stop.

Spanking Can Be With A Belt, A Hand Or Wooden Spoon

Spanking can be with a belt, a hand or wooden spoon, it does not have to be with a spanking paddle or cane, typically it is with a spanking paddle as the paddle will make the bottom go red without causing injury like you might experience with a cane or other smaller implement, indeed there are items called floggers designed to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the person being spanked, these may or may not be what you or your partner want in your spanking activities.

Spanking does not have to be hard, or painful, it is the act of a gentle spanking that can appeal to couples, just because some couples will want to inflict pain or redness on their partner as part of consensual spanking, it does not mean that all spanking is like that.

Spanking may not even be onto the naked bottom with some enjoying being spanked and spanking others who are fully clothed or wearing panties or an elaborate costume, you don’t have to be naked to enjoy spanking and you don’t have to like BDSM or sexual cruelty to enjoy spanking, some do of course and like all fetishes there are both ends of the spectrum.

Some Spankers Even Enjoy Spanking Themselves

Some spankers even enjoy spanking themselves, its a varied niche for everyone who loves spanking.

The use of spanking in British schools as a form of corporal punishment single handedly created the spanking culture, men and women dressing up as teachers and schoolgirls and re-enacting classroom scenes with school, desks and blackboards, school corporal punishment has powered the spanking enthusiast, with private schools and boarding schools for many years spanking pupils this has created a whole raft of people who enjoy spanking and being spanked, a case maybe of the abused becoming the abuser possibly.

Whatever your viewpoint on spanking there is a lot of spanking films and magazines available online, ITC Spanking being the best example of British spanking your find and truth be told British spanking is the best, as a nation we like to be good at something and we certainly are good at spanking and making spanking magazines and films, the government wants our exports to increase and finally we have a product and an expertise where we are world leaders.

Be proud to be British and know that spanking is a uniquely British pastime that now has global appeal, whips, canes, paddles and restraints, British spanking has it all.